An obsession

Much more than a mission,

Much more than a mission,

At BLOX, we have only one priority: to offer you a range of efficient, ultra high-quality and comfortable earplugs. To cater to your every need.

Because the neighbours are having their 42nd house-warming party and we can't sleep.
Because we want to be glued to the speakers in order to be as close to our idol as possible, but we can wreck our eardrums and end up with a hearing aid at 45.
Because we have a big presentation to deliver, but our colleagues in the office have decided to start happy hour early.

We may not actually save lives, but we can help just a little bit.

And because a lot of other things prevent us from living life to the full

A need.
An earplug.

The BLOX range offers you earplugs adapted to all your needs and every situation.

Whether at a festival, with your head on a pillow, on a motorcycle, under water, on the couch or focused on work, whatever you're doing, BLOX is there for you.

We make foam, wax and reusable TPE, for all types of ears and all sensitivities.

In fact, let's face it, our main obsession is you.

A need. <br> An earplug.

Made in Europe, manufactured in our workshops.

  • At BLOX, while our primary goal is to meet the needs of our users, we also want to do this in a responsible way.

  • Since 2022, we have repatriated the entire production of our earplugs to Europe, and selected the best manufacturers on the continent, each specialized in one type of material.

  • The handling takes place in Brussels, close to us and our roots. For packing, we work in a sheltered workshop.

  • Although we are not yet gold medalists in the area of sustainability, we are steadily making progress. And above all, there is this insatiable desire to always do better and evolve with the times.

Made in Europe, manufactured in our workshops.

The BLOX spirit.

BLOX is above all a family business, a close-knit and passionate team. For over 30 years, we have dedicated our lives to improving yours. Every day, we put all our heart into maintaining the family spirit that characterises us, in our relationships with our suppliers and our dealers, but also and especially, with YOU, for whom earplugs are more than just protection.

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Best quality

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