28 octobre 2022

How to face winter? Discover our 4 best tips!

How to face winter? Discover our 4 best tips!

Low morale, proliferation of viruses, chronic fatigue, dry skin... Facing winter can sometimes be a difficult mission. Indeed, this season is probably the most difficult for our organism. The body is exposed to temperature changes and the decrease in light leads to a decrease in energy. In addition, during this season, the risk of developing diseases increases. But fortunately, there are tips to reduce the effects of winter on the body and we will share them with you!

Have a healthy lifestyle

In winter, as in summer, it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle as it directly influences our health. In facts even if it is cold we must regularly practice a sport activity to face winter. For example, it is useful to run or walk every morning. This activity allows you to get some fresh air and therefore to get benefits from the sun's rays. It also gives you the opportunity to strengthen your immune system.

Having a healthy lifestyle also means washing your hands regularly, including when you return from sport. As we all know now, it his is the best way to reduce the risk of bacteria proliferation. 

Finally, think about heating your home in winter but avoid too high temperatures as they expose you to thermal shock when you return home. Ideally, choose a temperature of 20° maximum.

Strengthen the body and its immune system

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, you need a good diet to face winter. Good nutrition increases the amount of nutrients in your body. As a result, you will be able to better withstand the cold. But what should you eat? Fill up on vitamins by eating fruit: oranges, kiwis, lemons, etc.

 In addition to fruit, you must also consider taking essential oils. Their immune-stimulating effect allows the body to fight effectively against mild infections. Noble laurel, fine lavender, niaouli, garden marjoram... These will definitely strengthen your immune system.  

Finally, for more effectiveness, combine the fruits and essential oil effects with products rich in proteins such as fish which also helps against low morale. Eat vegetables as well such as carrots, broccoli, turnips and squash as they provide plenty of minerals and fiber.

Sleep well using earplugs

Quality sleep allows the body to regain its balance and restore its functions. However, sleeping well can be difficult sometimes.

Indeed, there is less sunlight during winter because it is often darker and the days are shorter, but our body needs a quota of light and vitamin D. When this balance is disturbed, we don't really know when to go to sleep as it gets dark quickly, and our body doesn't understand the signals that should make us go to sleep, despite the fatigue.

What is the best solution to face winter and sleep well? Earplugs! These accessories attenuate the surrounding noise so that the body can take a complete rest. 

They come in a variety of shapes and materials, so you should be able to find what you're looking for easily. In addition to the quality of the earplugs, it is also important to make sure you find those that are best suited to your ears and needs.   

Your nights will become calmer and your sleep deeper.

Protect your skin and hair

The skin provides a natural barrier against microbes and bacteria. However, it is fragile and even more in the winter. As temperatures drop, the water in the epidermis evaporates and the skin dries out. As a result, you will have a burning and itching sensation. To avoid them, remember to protect your skin: 

- The face: a moisturizing cream richer than the one you use in summer will be perfect; 

- The hands: use gloves to protect you from the cold; 

- Hair: Use shampoos and repairing balms to make your hair shiny and soft.

To summarize: Sleep well, eat well, live a healthy lifestyle and protect your skin and hair.

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