28 octobre 2022

Which hearing protections are most effective on festivals?

Which hearing protections are most effective on festivals?

The music festivals season is nearly there! You’ve pinned your tickets on your corkboard and you’ve reserved your camping spot. You know exactly which groups you absolutely want to hear playing and watch live. Or perhaps you didn’t make any reservations at all and you’re just waiting until the last minute, hoping to still seize an opportunity. Whether you’re perfectly ready or not ready yet, BLOX has written this article for you. You’ll find some elementary rules here to protect your hearing while on a festival and you’ll learn which are the best earplugs to wear on festivals. Finally, there’s a list of all the festivals from June to August which you shouldn’t miss.

Anti-noise earplugs at the festival

Festivals are excellent fun, but you don’t want to turn the exhilarating experience into a nightmare. Don’t forget that being exposed to high noise levels can be dangerous to your ears. Loud music won’t kill you, but it doesn’t make you stronger either, and it can certainly make you deaf.

So, take a different look at the typical objections such as «How are you going to enjoy the music? Will I still hear anything?», «Oh, it’s only once a year! It’s not just once!»

Earplugs won’t take away the fun of going to the concert. On the contrary, they will improve the experience and prolong it. 

5 elementary rules for your ears to survive a festival!

This intense moment of pleasure together with your friends, of dancing, singing under thundering guitars or a diabolic beat, is made possible by one tiny organ in your body, the most sensitive there is: your ears.

Allow BLOX to remind you of 5 elementary rules to avoid irreversible damage to your hearing and to continue enjoying music for many long and sparkling years.

1. Stay away from the spots where the sound intensity is at its highest

2. Alternate your hearing time with calmer periods

Let your ears rest. The longer you listen, the more you exhaust your ears. Go back to the camping and take a nap, take some time to freshen up.

3. Wear suitable earplugs

Keep your earplugs in whenever you’re near any sound exposure

4. If your ears start hurting, find a quieter place.

Your body is sending you a signal, so listen to it!

5. Never improvise with earplugs made from toilet paper or newspaper.

The risk that you stupidly damage your ears is very real.

Hearing Protection specifically designed for festivals

You don’t need just any kind of earplugs. Foam plugs will protect you against sound exposure but at the same time they take away some of your pleasure.

To enjoy festival music to its fullest while your hearing stays perfectly protected, BLOX have developed a hearing protection specifically adapted to concerts and festivals.

These earplugs are made of a material which utilizes elastomer (which is specifically applied in the medical domain). They are hypo-allergenic and do not use any silicone to guarantee maximum comfort.

This hearing protection is further equipped with an acoustic filter so that the music stays authentic and clear. At the same time, it takes away any discomfort caused by too much sound exposure. These earplugs aren’t just popular among festival fans; clubgoers and concert-lovers cherish them too. The flexible and discreet tip makes them very easy to use!

These earplugs are reusable and washable. Find them at your apothecary or chemist’s. They are offered in an aluminium case which you can attach to your keyring. You can take them with you wherever you go, use them whenever necessary. Choose your favourite colour between transparent, yellow fluo or pink fluo.

These earplugs comply with the mission which Michel, BLOX founder, has set upon himself: Life Sounds Better.

So, are you ready for a new Xperience?

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